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In the H-1B staffing market, hundreds of thousands of candidates are sponsored by nearly twenty thousand firms, so it’s hard to have consistency and confidence in your dealings. Fuse facilitates trust, transparency, and accountability through our Verified H-1B Program.

How It Works

Members in the Fuse Cooperative Network benefit from additional assistance with H-1B staffing, as Fuse will verify the sponsoring sub-vendors, and their H-1B candidates.

Fuse's Co-op Network Agreement requires:

Sub-vendors to:

Be the direct H-1B sponsor employer

Submit true resumes & contact info

Be responsible for candidate fraud

Pay wages, benefits & withhold tax

Have >$1M general liability insurance

Prime vendors to:

Disclose client’s contract-to-hire rules

Be responsive to sub-vendor members

Pay weekly C2C invoices from Fuse

Pay each invoice within thirty days

Process payments through Fuse

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Sunlight is the Best Disinfectant

We spoke with many staffing firms in the formation of Fuse, and quickly discovered that the biggest opportunity for our cooperative impact is to improve the H-1B partnering process for our members.

The H-1B staffing market is like the Wild West, full of turmoil, uncertainty, and a lack of trust among participants. Sadly, many see H-1B staffing as a “necessary evil” that isn't working for well-intentioned firms, and least of all for the candidates who are stuck in the system.

Members in the Fuse Cooperative Network are creating a safe haven for effective H-1B staffing. We shine a transparent light on our process, incentivizing good practices, and holding members accountable for anything that’s contrary to our Membership & Cooperative Network Agreement.

Participating in the Verified H-1B Program:


To get a green checkmark as a verified vendor:

Upload documents in Gustav VMS


To get verified for placement:

Visa digitally verified against selfie

Job references checked by Terefic

Offered digital wallet by CrediVera

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